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Digital Playground is home to High Definition and color rich pornography not to mention the hundreds of pornstars that have passed through their doors. It’s an entertainment seventh heaven for horny porn fans. The highest image resolution for the videos is 1080p. For proof they have…exhibit A, teasing big thumbs showing the latest porn additions on the home page. Exhibit B, the well-known babes of the porn industry, all the best gals, the most sexually pleasing gals. Exhibit C, the design of the site and the constant care they take to make it stylish, snazzy, attractive, but very efficient and helpful to all members.

Ignoring the fact that DP, as they are called by many fans, has the ability to elevate your enjoyment of porn into a new dimension is just ridiculous, because they can! The previews for material that is soon to be unleashed on you are available. The weeks that pass by have seen addition of up to eight new episodes of hardcore porn. They got the quantity numbers locked down for sure with over three thousand movies offered. Sorting is by random selection, highest rated, most watched, or alphabetically. Filters are also given. Tags and other search-sort tools are there. They are crazy about keeping the model index nicely updated with current information. This makes your work easier; various tools for browsing are there. The list of gals they have is as near perfect as a pornsite can get when it comes to offering sexy models to members.

If you like the smaller sized 720p HD files, you can locate them inside. With high internet connectivity, you will have no problems with streaming and buffering and the huge Digital Playground discount files for the best HD movies will be easy to watch. You have to buy the downloads/DVD movies, but streaming is not restricted in any way.

Now, if you want the full DVD, you can have it, if you want to cut to the chance get the clips. The sex being openly and so nicely displayed here deals with hot women, hot pussies, lots of anal, DP, fetish, blowjobs, and hardcore style of pornography. And even if the producers are here to awe you with movies, they also provide picture galleries. The online slideshow is there for you, unfortunately, this seems to be the only viewing option provided. The images are somewhat nice, not super high res imagery, but everyone knows you come to these guys to get movies more than pics. Monthly updates of behind-scene action are happening; these are your bonus videos.

You will find that Digital Playground is capable of reducing those mighty desires you have for hardcore quality porn. The deal is pretty simple, just give them a chance to impress you and they will blow your mind away! Top range productions at a very good membership price, we say yes to these guys!