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Responsibilities. Stringent responsibilities. They are what adulthood shoves down to you. Terrifyingly more of them than you could have imagined as a play-pretend boy back then in the backyard. Partly mismanagement. Partly the whole point of being an adult. But all’s a part of a grand learning experience. It’s always nice to raise your tolerance on the different bulls of life, after all. Because, man, with vicissitudes and the world’s bottomless well of it, you’ll need to juice that resilience up. And if you think you need some justice for your toiling, then here’s PlumperPass, a surely heavy treat that would get you more than full for your resentments.

Just look up at the sky. You might not find answers, but you’ll know there are. Maybe shrouded by the clouds with the morning light, or resting in a star among those that tease the romantics in the night. No mystery in your life is meant be left unsolved. If there is, I guess that’s the point — to be the candle, lit. Melting with a flame bound to extinguish. You won’t even notice. And if you want something that will last longer, something close to fat, you know, chubby, would be the best option, which the Plumper offers you as its specialty in the adult industry, something you will love like you never loved a chubby woman before. But this time, it’s going to change!

That’s the beauty of being chubby, you never have to count your days, but always remember to look up at the sky. In time it will all make sense. That you’re not lost. Just simply in the search for meaning. Here at the Plumper is where they are all worshipped, creating over 1,900 plus hardcore videos for 30 minutes each of entertainment, altogether with 24,000 pictures that will really change the way you see chubby people. That they are smoking hot, beyond exceptional, as they suck dicks, get pounded and so much more.

There was a time when I couldn’t remember, and while sometimes I wish I could forget, sometimes I wish I could remember too… like here, I want to remember what their love was like before they passed on… though if all the tears and heavy breathing means anything, it was profound. But I don’t go for the skinny chicks anymore when I can have all the beautiful chubbies with PlumperPass!